Schools Division Superintendent




(Madam Ofelia R. Hermosa, Schools Division Superintendent)

To All Our Dear Strakeholders,

Greetings of LOVE and PEACE!

 Bayaw Bayawan 2017. Basta Bayawan No.1!

 Welcome to our DepEd Division of Bayawan City website.

 INTERDEPENDENCE SYNERGY. In our utmost desire to uplift the current educational situation of DepEd Division of Bayawan City, we call on all internal and external stakeholders to come together to dream BIG dreams and witness these dreams come true in our very eyes.We dreamed to be excellent in terms of ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE and CHARACTER. Futhermore, we dream to serve the purpose of our existence which is to produce functionally literate Bayawanons.

TECHNOLOGY. It is but most fitting that we live in a world both wired and wireless where instant communication speeds up data, voice, images around the globe at the speed of light which makes it easier for the everyone to support to the realization of our dreams.The internet has indeed change the world in so many ways - the way we learn, the way we do research, the way we transact business, the way we socially interact, gather information and communicate.In the advent of the urgent call for environmental preservation and in line with our Project Pakabana ( concern for the environment), Division of Bayawan City dreamed to establish its official website where DepEd Memos, and Orders can be accessed paperless- anytime, anywhere .In addition School Heads and community people can now cut cost on travel to get memos and other correspondence. 

 TRANSPARENCY AND ACCOUNTABILITY.  For sure, these  are several ways in which the computer can be very useful to users. School administrators , teachers and students as well  other concerned stakeholders can now search-out vast information including our physical targets and financial utilization.

 RESOURCES FOR RESULTS. We also wished that through this website we will effectively deliver quality basic education services to our target clientle. However, educators must know that in every good that the internet bring us there is also a danger to it. Let us be vigilant, for  in this, there requires responsible attitude and practices involved. Filtering is a must.


 More Power!


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