Nine elementary schools as new recipient of DCP Package

 The DepEd Computerization Program (DCP) provides public elementary schools with appropriate technologies that would enhance the teaching-learning process of the 21st century.

 The program aims to:

  • Integrate the ICT into the curriculum
  • Intensify competency based professional development program
  • Establish necessary ICT infrastructure and applications
  • Develop processes and systems that ensure efficient, transparent and effective ICT governance and management
To date, there are the nine (9) elementary schools who are recipients of the e-classroom package of the DCP. These are the following, to wit:

 DepEd Computerization Program - DCP Batch 14.

1. Manduaw Elementary School -  Mrs. Elenly Cadunggan, Head Teacher

2. Banga Central School -  Mrs. Roselyn Tabilon Tizon, Principal I, PSDS Designate West District

3. Telesforo Gargantiel Memorial ES - Mrs. Elsie Garsula, Principal I

4. Nangka Elementary School  -  Mrs. Addam Estoce, Principal  I

5. Tabuan Elementary   - Mrs. Celestina Orbeta, Principal I

6. Omod Elementary School  -  Mrs. Emily Llandres, Principal I

7. Gamao Elementary School  -  Mrs. Teresita T. Villamil, Principal I

8. Bugay Elementary School   -  Mr. Sixto Ricky Ausan, Head Teacher

9. Lapay Elementary School   - Mrs. Rose Lebrilla, Principal I

Last February 8, the principals, property custodians, and ICT Teachers of each recipient schools have undergone a 1-  day briefing/orientation regarding the delivery, acceptance and usage of the  project. Facilitating were Mr. Eduardo L. Lagos, Division ICT Coordinator; Rutchel P. Belnas, ICT Trainer (BNHS); Victor Crapiano Cea, TIC of Banaybanay HS; and  Mr. Jenril Natial, Division ICT Technician .

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